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Bill Roberts

Board Member, Special Advisor, Consultant

Early in Bill’s career he co-founded a boutique investment bank -- Cranston Securities Company -- in Columbus, Oh. There he developed a billion dollar+ bond insurance program with MBIA, MBIA’s largest and most successful program up to that date. Following the firm’s sale and a stint with Wm E Pollock, an NYC based primary gov’t dealer, he joined former colleagues at Meuse, Rinker, Chapman, Endres & Brooks (“MR”). MR was acquired by Banc One (“B1”) in 1990. 

Bill served as Vice Chairman of Banc One Capital Markets and ran its Housing and Health Care Business (“H&HC”), while simultaneously running several Texas based businesses that came to B1 in the MBank acquisition. Following the Banc One/First Chicago merger he recruited Carl Lindner’s Provident Financial Group as a partner, lifted H&HC out of B1, and founded RED CAPITAL GROUP (“RED”) in 1999. Under his leadership and plan to create a firm with which every multifamily and health care operator would want to talk, RED quickly became one of the nation’s top tier Fannie Mae DUS & FHA lenders, an active market maker in Fannie and GNMA MBS, and a leader in tax exempt bond finance, LIHTC equity, the provision of proprietary capital of all flavors, and more. National City Bank (“NatCity”) acquired Provident in July of 2004. In August of 2007 having been nominated by Lou Holtz Bill was named National Leader of the Month by joining other leaders such as John Wooden, Herb Kelleher, and Mike Krzyzewski. 

He “retired” in 2007. In 2008 PNC Financial acquired NatCity. Then in 2010 to prevent RED from being broken up, he un-retired to organize its nine figure purchase from PNC with the help of Stonehenge and others. Bill retired again in 2010. 

Bill has been a great supporter of Tail End. He opened his network to us resulting in over 25 investors (for no compensation to Bill). 

Bill Roberts
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